Swift SNF Sale
Blueprint is pleased to announce the successful sale of Thornton Hall Nursing and Rehabilitation, a 60-bed skilled nursing facility located in Norfolk, Virginia. Blueprint facilitated the transaction between two reputable and experienced owner-operators.

Blueprint was approached by an active skilled nursing investor with an expanding regional operating platform in the Commonwealth to present an unsolicited offer to acquire Thornton Hall from another known Blueprint client. With Blueprint’s comprehensive knowledge of and longstanding relationships with owners and acquirers in the market, immediate action was taken. With unprecedented expediency, Blueprint fully negotiated the transaction terms within 48 hours and the parties finalized definitive contracts less than three weeks thereafter.


By aligning both buyer and seller interests to complete the transaction as quickly as possible, Blueprint and the parties worked together to simultaneously complete the diligence review, lender third-party reports, and licensure transfer processes. While some obstacles were met during the accelerated timeline, Blueprint managed the buyer’s and seller’s collaborative efforts and open communication to pragmatically address and overcome each issue head-on. This transaction was completed 60 days from inception.


Steve Thomes and Michael Segal led the effort on behalf of Blueprint.

Steve Thomes
Senior Managing Director & Head of Business Development
Michael Segal
Senior Managing Director